This page contain videos about free energy research.


Overunity device.


Video about a motor running on water.


David Sereda with Boyd Bushman - Anti Gravity.


Motor and Generator together.


Phenomenon - The Lost Archives - The Missing Secrets of Nikolay Tesla.


TESLA - Free Energy, the race to zero point (Physics, supresset technology).


Tesla - Master of Lightning.


Tesla - Master of Lightning (digitaldistractions).


Tom Talks Tesla (rare interview with Tom Bearden on the forgotten work of Nikola Tesla).


Dr. Michael Maccoby - The Leaders We Need.


David Yurth.


Bob Dratch.


Dr. Stephen Greer - Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO).


Jim Murray.


Evan Stewart.


Jeane Manning.


Dr. Tom Valone at 2006 COFE2 Conference.


Larry Jarboe.


Dr. Scott Chubb.


John Shelburne.


Norman Wootan - Free Energy - The history of the E.V.Gray motor.


Peter Lindemann - Electric motor secrets.


Peter Lindemann - Teslas radiant energy.


Peter Lindemann - Free Energy secrets of cold electrisity.


Peter Lindemann - The world of free energy.